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Want to take your game to the next level?

The L1R1 Hitman 2.0 is perfect for battle royal games like PUBG, Knives Out, Free Fire, Survivor Royale, Rules Of Survival and shooting games like Critical Ops. (1 Trigger works with Fortnite)

Do you feel restricted to use just your thumbs to maneuver around, to aim and to shoot when playing survival mobile games?

Wish you were able to hold your phone more like a controller?

Now you can with the L1R1 HITMAN 2.0!

 Thousands Of Supported Games

  • PUBG
  • Fortnite (1 trigger until control customization/remapping is available)
  • Rules of Survival
  • Knives out
  • Free Fire
  • Survivor Royale
  • Critical Ops
  • and other games that support onscreen control customization

Supported by most touch screen devices

Detachable controller cradle
Triggers clip onto the top of the phone. Each has a button to press that allows you index fingers to not take up screen space.

Color: Black

Supported Devices

Fits phone sizes from 4.7inch to 6.4inch.


Q: Will this fit my phone? A: This has an adjustable opening to fit 4.7inch and 6.4inch smartphones.

Q: Will this work with the case on my phone? A: With the endless number of combinations of phones and cases availabel in the market, it is impossible for us to say which cases will and will not work with this phone. We can say that it will work with 4.7inch and 6.4inch phones without cases!

Q: Will this work with (insert name of game)? A: This is designed to work with any game that allows in-game control customization.

Q: Can I charge my phone while using this? A: Yes, there is an opening on the side of the handle to allow a phone charger to reach the port.

Q: Is this a bluetooth controller? A: No, there is no bluetooth needed. This uses a touch technology that allows the triggers to touch the area of the screen of the aim and shoot buttons.

Q: What is difference between the L1R1 Hitman 2.0 and the L1R1 Sniper 2.0? A: The Hitman is 3 pieces (2 triggers and a foldable handle). The Sniper is one piece. This allows the Hitman to be more portable and compact to carry than the Sniper.