L1R1 SharpShooter PRO™

$29.99 $59.99


Imagine the possibilities if you could do twice as much while gaming on your mobile phone? The L1R1 SharpShooter PRO™ has two triggers on the left handle and two triggers on the right trigger, doubling your capacity to aim, shoot, crouch, jump, build... however you'd like to customize your gaming experience!

-This mobile phone game assist tool makes it easier for you to operate during the game
-Increase the game's sense of experience and reaction speed
-Help reduce the support pressure of the wrist and increases the comfort of the game
-Compact size, portable
-Stable and adjustable, just fit
-Trigger shooting design, bring you realistic shooting experience
-Easy operation, convenient more than ever
-Fit for multiple phones, support various games, there’s always one for you
-Unique turnover button design
-6 fingers operating
-Ergonomic design, very durable
-Flexibility, precision, comfort, easy to control
-Designed for IOS/ Android smart phones
-Can use even when your phone has protective case
-Fits the width of phones: 70-95mm

Material: ABS
Size: 14*10.6*2.7cm

Packing includes:
  1 x Gamepad