L1R1 iPhone Case with Built-in Triggers & Power Bank

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Phone Model

One of the most common questions that Gadget Blu receives is, "Are there mobile gaming controllers that allow me to use my phone case?"

So we decided to offer an iPhone case with the L1R1 Triggers built-in! While we were at it, we added a built-in power bank for extra battery power for your phone!

High quality and brand new
Lighter, larger capacity
Support playing while charging, no more interruption
Stable and precise, better game experience
We use a grade A polymer lithium battery, which is safer than ordinary lithium battery

Name : Power Bank Charger Case 
Color: Black 
Material: Battery: Polymer Lithium Ion Battery 
Shell: Plastic + Aluminum Alloy 
Size: Power Bank: 141x70x10mm / 5.56 "x 2.74" x 0.39 " 
Solves: 44x16x22mm / 1.76" x 0.88 "x 0.65" 
Compatible Model: for iPhone X /6/7/8/X/6P/7P/8P
Input: DC 5v 0.5A-1.5A 
Output: DC 5 v 1A 

Three Types:
          For iPhone 8P/7P/6P : 5.5inch ,8000mAh
          For iPhone 8/7/6 : 4.7inch ,5000mAh
          For iPhone X : 5.8inch ,6000mAh

Package Included: 
1 x Power Bank Charger Case 
2 x Controller Assist Tool 
1 x User Manual